Andrey Rubanov
Andrey Rubanov got his start as a novelist with Do Time Get Time, a semi-autobiographical book that draws on his experience spending time in prison after being accused of fraud: his self-published book was picked up by a publisher and shortlisted for the 2006 National Bestseller Award. After Rubanov’s name was cleared, he worked in Chechnya during 1999-2000 as press secretary to a Russian official, returning to Moscow and entrepreneurship in 2001. Rubanov’s fiction often combines realism with themes and settings that are anti-utopian, verging on fantasy. One of his most recent novels, The Psycho Agent, focuses on a convicted killer who acts on the psyches of others; it was a National Bestseller award finalist in 2011.

Representation:  Banke, Goumen & Smirnova Literary Agency.