Non-Fiction Salon, Nov. 18 / Susan Eley Fine Art
The Evening's Program:
- Tré Miller Rodríguez, reading from Splitting the Difference: A Heart-Shaped Memoir (3/2013);
- Amy Fusselman, reading from Savage Park: A Meditation on Play, Space, and Risk for Americans Who Are Nervous, Distracted, and Afraid to Die (1/2015);
- Kyla Marshell, reading an essay;
On view: ONE OF ONE. Contemporary Monoprints Drawn from the Collections of VanDeb Editions and Susan Eley Fine Art 
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Sexy with a Twist. Sept. 17 @ 7 PM / Carini Lang
The Evening's Program:
- Laura van den Berg, reading The Dog, a short story;
-  Amy Wolfe, reading Heart Debt, a short story;
Paula Bomer, reading from The Change, a novel in progress;
Stacia Saint Owens, reading Auto-Erotica, a short story.
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Searching for the Truth about Russia: Vica Miller in Conversation with Masha Gessen, 7/1 / Fridman Gallery
The Evening's Program:
Masha Gessen will read from her new book, The Brothers: The Road to an American Tragedy (Riverhead, 2015), followed by a discussion on the state of affairs in Russia, from politics and culture to economy and gay rights. Moderated by Vica Miller.
On View: In the Glow of a Breathing Sphere
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Russia! Salon, May 20, 2015 / Mimi Ferzt Gallery
The Evening's Program:
- Elena Gorokhova, reading from new memoir, Russian Tattoo (Simon & Schuster, 2015)
- Katherine Dovlatov, reading from Pushkin Hills (Counterpoint, 2014), the beloved novel by Sergei Dovlatov she translated
- Vica Miller, reading from debut novel, Inga's Zigzags (Ladno Books, 2014)
- Rebecca Baldridge, reading from forthcoming novel, Moscow to the End of the Line
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Fiction Salon: On Love & Cities, March 18, 2015 / RYAN LEE
The Evening's Program:
- Courtney Maum, reading from debut novel, I'm Having So Much Fun Here Without You
(Touchstone/Simon & Schuster, 2014);
- Will Chancellor, reading from debut novel, A Brave Man Seven Storeys Tall (Harper, 2014);
- Amy Shearn, reading from new novel, The Mermaid of Brooklyn (Touchstone, 2013)
- Isaac Fitzgerald, reading his essay from Never Can Say Goodbye anthology (Touchstone, 2014)
On view:  Like Water from a Stone, photography by Mariam Ghani.
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The Art of Rage // Poetry Salon, Jan. 22, 2015 / Susan Eley Fine Art
The Evening's Program:
- Saeed Jones, reading from Prelude to Bruise (Coffee House Press, 2014);
- Susana H. Case, reading from 4 Rms w Vu (Mayapple Press, 2014);
- Jayson Smith, reading new poetry; 
- Adam Falkner, reading new poetry.
On view:  Digital Paintings by Gary Kaleda & Sculptures by Lilian R. Engel
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