Jessica Safran
Jessica Safranis a writer. A few years ago she entered her first writing contest ever, sponsored by the NYPress, and came in as a top finalist with her short memoir piece, Marry Me.  She has also blogged for Jessica is working on a memoir project based on her experience living with cancer, which she’s recently realized is an attention-getting excuse to write about other things. 
She is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of (TISP), the purpose of which is to bring new perspectives to healing through collaborative art making. TISP’s first Identity Shift Exploration is Cancer Shift, a series of portraits of people who have or have had cancer and no longer identify exclusively with their disease. Prior to TISP, she ran her own executive coaching practice for 11 years. When she’s not writing, she procrastinates writing and also works as a business consultant. Jessica lives in Brooklyn with her husband and 8-year-old daughter.