Mothers, Motherhood, MILFs & Birthdays / Susan Eley Fine Art, 5/16/2019

The Salons are 10 years old!
Thank you for helping us celebrate at the Mothers & Motherhood Salon on May 16. 
It was an intimate evening of readings, sharing, conversation, art and giggles.
The Evening's Program:
Lynn Steger Strong, reading an essay The Same Story About My Mom, from the anthology, What My Mother And I Don't Talk About (Simon & Schuster, 4/2019);
Rumaan Alam, reading from new novel That Kind of Mother (Ecco, 3/2018);
Melissa Rivero, reading from debut novel The Affairs of the Falcóns (Ecco, 4/2019) 
The full photo report is here
We're off for the summer. See you in October!