Sex and the City Salon / Susan Eley Fine Art, 3/07/2019

The Evening's Program:
Blair Hurley, reading from debut novel The Devoted (W. W. Norton, August, 2018);
Vica Miller, reading from debut novel Inga's Zigzags (Ladno Books, May, 2014)
The reading will be followed by a highly anticipated literary surprise from Lara Vapnyar, where you'll be asked to join the action, and later cooled down at a wine reception.

On View: A Sense of Place Rachel Burgess and James Isherwood

Big THANK YOU to everyone who attended and participated. What a fantastic night of connecting, pushing the boundaries and learning about ourselves. The full photo report is on Facebook.
Our next Salon will take place in May around Mother's Day, and will be themed accordingly. Stay tuned.