Salon July 9, 2009 / Art Space

Readings by:
— Jenny Ladner-Brenner, "The Dinner Party", excerpt from a novel 
— Vica Miller, "Inga's Zigzags", excerpt from a novel
The novel is set in 1997 and tells a story of Inga Belova, who after spendinga decade in New York, broke and recently divorced, returns to post-Perestroika Russia to start a “business empire”. In Moscow, she meets two local business women, who lure her into a threesome, in bed and at work.
Michelle Maisto, "Gastronomy of Marriage: A Memoir of Food and Love", excerpt from a novel
The book is about the not-so-straightforward process of sitting to dinner with another person each night.
— Martin Rowe, excerpt from a short story