Spring / Summer Sabbatical / Susan Eley Fine Art
Dear lover of litetarture,
We're on pause, along with the rest of our beloved New York City, due to the pandemic.
Please take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. Our enormous gratitude to the healthcare workers. Please be safe.
While we can't offer you a live reading in a beautiful gallery, we hope that you continue reading books by the wonderful authors we have featured over the years.
We're not hosting online events, as our Salons are like theater, where the magic is created live, and audience paticipation is key. We hope to resume in the fall. Please stay tuned.
Vica Miller & Co. 
Winter Crime Salon 1/30/2020 / Susan Eley Fine Art
The Evening's Program: 
Julia Fillips , reading from best-selling debut novel, Disappearing Earth (Knopf, 5/2019), National Book Award finalist.  Key words: Kamchatka, crime
Idra Novey, reading from new novel Those Who Knew (Viking, 11/2018). Key words: crime, #MeToo.

On View: Paper Trail A group exhibition featuring work by Karin Bruckner, Charles Buckley, Michael Eade, Chase Langford, Coco Liggett, Silvina Mamani, Kathy Osborn, Lisa Pressman and Fumiko Toda.