Winter Fiction Salon / Susan Eley Fine Art, 12/14/2016
The Evening's Program:
- Sana Krasikov, reading from upcoming debut novel The Patriots (1/24, 2017)
- Amy Sohn, reading from acclaimed novel, The Actress (7/2014)
- Miranda Beverly-Whittemore, reading from acclaimed novel, June (5/2016)
On View: TO HAVE AND NOT TO HOLD - Painter Vivian Kahra and Photographer Leah Oates Create Landscapes as Ephemeral and Fleeting as Time
Photos are on our Facebook page
Fall Fiction Salon / Susan Eley Fine Art / 10/05/2016
We look forward to welcoming you at our Fall Fiction Salon. The Evening's Program:
- Mira Jacob, reading from acclaimed debut novel, The Sleepwalker’s Guide to Dancing (2014);
- Laurie Stone, reading from collection of short stories, My Life as an Animal (2016);
- Zeeva Bukai, reading from a novel in progress, The Anatomy of Exile
- Lara Vapnyar, reading from a new novel, Still Here (2016)
On View: The Poetry of Mending. New pastel paintings by Angela A'Court.
The full photo report is on our FB page
Summer Fiction Salon / Susan Eley Fine Art / 6/29/2016
The Evening's Program:
- Robert Lopez, reading from short story collection Good People (2016);
- Helen Phillips, reading from short story collection, Some Possible Solutions (2016);
- Vica Miller, reading a new short story;
- Mark de Silva, reading from debut novel, Square Wave (2/2016);
On view: Two X Five. Full photo report on our FB page.
Short Fiction Salon, Feb. 11 / Susan Eley Fine Art
The Evening's Program:
- Sara Lippmann, reading from acclaimed debut short story collection Doll Palace (2014);
Rebecca Schiff, reading from upcoming debut short story collection, The Bed Moved (4/2016);
- Lauren Acampora, reading from acclaimed debut story collection, The Wonder Garden (5/2015);
- Shelly Oria, reading from highly acclaimed debut short story collection, New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 (11/2014)
On view: Carol Eisner, Swimmers and Dancers. Paintings from the 1980s and 1990s.
Please see a photo report on our FB page.