Salon April 28, 2010 / William Bennett Gallery

The evening’s program:
Hayley Krischer, “Play Me Some of Those New Jersey Love Songs”, a short story;
Andrea Egert, “Heaven”, excerpt from a novel 
"Heaven" is the story of a disabled Iraq war veteran and his transgender female partner that takes place in both upstate and downstate New York during the troop surge of 2007.
Vica Miller, “Inga’s Zigzags”, excerpt from a novel 
“Inga’s Zigzags” is the story of 28-year-old Inga Belova, who after a decade in New York, returns to post-Perestroika Moscow to build her own company. Instead, she’s lured into a threesome with two Moscow businesswomen.
— Lara Tupper, “Off Island”, excerpt from a novel 
“Off Island” is a novel about artists who cheat. Told in six points  of view and bridging two centuries, it is set in Maine, New York and Denmark; it is inspired by the stormy marriage of artist Paul Gauguin to his Danish wife, Mette Gad.