Russia! Salon, May 20, 2014 / Mimi Ferzt Gallery

The Evening's Program:
- Boris Fishman, reading from debut novel, A Replacement Life (HarperCollins, 6/2014)
Alina Simone, reading from debut novel, A Note to Self (Faber & Faber, 6/2013)
Lara Vapnyar, reading from new novel, The Scent of Pine (Simon & Schuster, 1/2014)
Vica Miller, reading from debut novel, Inga's Zigzags (Ladno Books, 5/2014)
On View: Nikolai MakarovArchitexture
More photos on our FB page. Catch Vica Miller reading from her debut novel Inga's Zigzags at the Coney Island Museumon Friday, June 27 at 8 PM.