9:10 am 11/12/13: Crowdfunding Campaign for Inga's Zigzags / Kickstarter

Friends, thanks to you, the Kickstarter campaign to finance the publication of my debut novelInga's Zigzags, was a smashing success! I'm thrilled! 
WE DID IT! Thank you! 
Please visit this page for details. 
Inga's Zigzags, a novel by Vica Miller 
Inga's Zigzags is the story of a 28-year-old Russian woman who, after living a decade in New York, returns to post-Perestroika Moscow to start her own business. When her job prospects fall through and she finds herself far from the heart of the action, she meets Emma and Alexandra, a pair of wealthy and well-connected magazine publishers, who lure Inga into their bed and then propose to launch a company together. When the threesome starts to fall apart, Inga is forced to make some difficult choices to find her path in the labyrinth of Moscow's intrigues and heartbreaks.
Feel free to write to me with questions!
Please see the press release here.