Vica Miller Russia! Salon - February 9, 2011 / Frants Gallery Space

The Evening's Program:

— Jennifer GilmoreSomething Red, excerpt from a novel (a New York Times 2010 Notable Book). Set in 1979-era Washington, DC, Something Red is the story of how politics shape the lives of a Jewish American family.

— Vica MillerInga's Zigzags, excerpt from a novel, about a 28-year-old Russian woman, who after a decade in New York, returns to post-Perestroika Moscow to start her own company. Instead, she's lured into a threesome with Emma and Alexandra, a pair of local wealthy and well-connected magazine publishers. When the threesome starts to fall apart Inga is forced to make some difficult choices to find her path in the labyrinth of Moscow's intrigues and heartbreaks.

— Maria KostakiFather, excerpt from a novel in progress, a story about unconditional love as it takes its protagonist, Sasha, on a powerful path of both destruction and healing.

— Lara VapnyarAnatomy of a Hedgehog, excerpt from a new (unpublished) novel, about Russian summer camp.