Dear Vica, I too am a bigger fan than ever - of your salon, and of your acumen and grace and general fabulosity. It was a great night. I wish all readings, and Q & A's, were half as much fun.
Michael Cunningham (Pulitzer prize-winning author of The Hours)
Vica Miller's salons are a vital part of the New York City literary scene, where emerging writers read alongside established ones to an enthusiastic audience of literati.
Simon Van Booy (Author, The Secret Lives of People in Love)
A modern-day Gertrude Stein, Miller curates bimonthly literary readings and discussions amid art and fine wine.
Four Seasons Magazine, Dec. 2014
Thank you for an utterly glorious evening. It was a pure delight and honor to be a part of the festivities. Of all the reading series I've been lucky to experience (NYC and elsewhere) yours has an inimitable quality I will never forget.
Sara Lippmann (Author, Doll Palace)
Vica Miller Boosts Russian Literature at NYC Salon. What an enchanting and memorable evening, rich in Russian colloquialisms and exhilarating experiences in pre-millenial Moscow! Recently, Vica gifted me a copy of Inga’s Zigzags, and what a delight it was to peel through such a witty, memorable and intelligently written novel.
BRIC Plus, The New World Magazine (UK)
Vica Miller Literary Salons, held bimonthly at galleries around New York City, retain a certain Old World elegance
Russia Beyond The Headlines
Vica, your evening was splendid, your questions were fantastic, the crowd was warm, welcoming and piquant.  Thank you so much for bringing me into your spicy literary world in this engaging way!
Liesl Schillinger, Culture Writer & Translator
Vica Miller Literary Salons, a favorite NYC chamber reading series held in private art galleries, will celebrate its sixth birthday by staging the Russia! Salon at Mimi Ferzt.
Market Watch
Dear Vica, Last night was such a treat! You are a remarkable hostess: ferociously intelligent, gracious, talented, and stunningly beautiful. 
Elena Gorokhova (Author, A Mountain of Crumbs & Russian Tattoo)
Thank you, Vica, for a lovely salon. It was an honor to be a part of it. The beautiful space, the gorgeous art, the warm and welcoming audience. Thank you for your persistence in bringing me to it.
Chinelo Okparanta (Author, Under the Udala Trees)
Vica Miller Literary Salons Website Launched; Author Publishing Deal Announced
Host A Modern-Day Literary Salon
"A Q&A allows everybody to really dive into the material," says Vica Miller, founder of NYC's literary salons, which take place several times a year. "Don't skimp on the wine!"
BUST Magazine, feature story
Thank you for creating this sanctuary where we writers (and readers) *truly" can feel comfortable and engaged in an authentic way. It was such a gift.
Sana Krasikov (Author, The Patriots)
It was an excellent evening. This is the kind of reading experience writers hope to find.
Arthur Phillips (Author, Prague)
Thank you for putting together such a wonderful evening, Vica! I think we all gelled together just perfectly into a velour ball of feel-good benevolence. It was a real pleasure to read alongside such talented and charming folks.
Courtney Maum (Author, I'm Having So Much Fun Here without You)
Vica, you really do host the best series -- lovely to have a full house and such a great lineup.
Mark de Silva (Author, Square Wave)
Truly, the pleasure of Miller’s Salons is that she often features unpublished authors alongside those who have already reached acclaim.
Royal Young, Vol. 1 Brooklyn
Vica, thanks so much for asking me to participate in the series. I had a great time and, as I said, I just found the audience so lovely and engaged. It's really wonderful how you run that show.
Amy Fusselman (Author, Savage Park)
Writer and literary patron Vica Miller invites authors, published and unpublished, to share their work in a variety of art galleries around NYC. 
Time Out New York
What you are doing, enabling published and unpublished writers to reach a new audience, is important artistically and culturally. To stage these events in art galleries, thus cross-referencing another medium, is inspiring. Thank you for devoting the event last night to help support The Speyer Legacy School.
Paul Deards (Head of The Speyer Legacy Upper School)
GOINGS ON ABOUT TOWN: READINGS AND TALKS VICA MILLER WINTER SALONThe writers Arthur Phillips, Darin Strauss, Boris Fishman, and Vica Miller join forces for the latest installment of the Vica Miller Literary Salons, a reading series started by Miller in 2009. 
The New Yorker
What a wonderful, wonderful night. I'm still grinning from ear to ear. Thank you so much for making it happen, Vica!
Isaac Fitzgerald (Books Editor, BuzzFeed)
Dear Vica, Thank YOU so much for your generosity in having me at your beautiful salon. Thank YOU so much for your generosity in having me at your beautiful salon
Julia Phillips (Author, Disappearing Earth)
V - that was one of the most satisfying readings I've ever done. The atmosphere was so welcoming, nurturing. The best. It made me really excited to keep going with the memoir, which is all you can ask for. You've done something really awesome with these salons.
Boris Fishman (Author, A Replacement Life)
Dear Vica,
Thank you for inviting me! It was a great pleasure to read at the salon and probably even greater pleasure to meet you.
Lara Vapnyar
Vica Miller Literary Salons Go Global; Five New Gallery Partners Announced, 2012 Program Finalized
The Boston Globe
That was seriously one of the best readings I've ever been a part of, and I still remember how warm you were, Vica.
Marie-Helene Bertino
Вика! Спасибо за прием и за все. Было очень здорово. Я понял, что Нью-йоркские вечеринки - это обмен драйвом. У Вас отлично получается. Надеюсь, еще увидимся. Желаю Вам вечной красоты.
Andrei Rubanov (Moscow)
THANK YOU so much for hosting your wonderful salon here! It really was a spectacular evening. Such heavy content, so sensitively articulated. ... to hear the poets read their own work with their particular inflection and tonality made it all come to life--more like theater in a sense.
Susan Eley
Dear Vica,
Thank you once again for the pleasure of reading for your series and to your wonderful audience. I was especially impressed by a detail, that perhaps might seem small and even weird to you, but struck me as very professional: It was how skillfully you handled the Q & A, how you managed to get readers to say something meaningful, at the same time as letting the audience breathe a bit between poems. Since I teach, I know how difficult of a task that actually is. Spasibo.
Eugene Ostashevsky
I'd send a real bouquet, but it would just wilt while you were off in Russia. Can't express my appreciation enough for your invitation to read last night. After it was over, ______ asked me to send the full manuscript of my novel. THANKS! Anyway, you are a goddess and a paragon, and I owe you a kidney or some such.
Janet Goss
Dear Vica, I can't thank you enough for your incredibly warm hospitality last night. I don't know when I've had more fun. I don't know how to say this exactly, but the other writers, the audience, you, everyone was so authentic and generous. I will always remember that as one of the loveliest literary nights! One of the best parts was getting to know you.
Laura Cronk
Vica, can't wait to see more of your salons in 2015, they always leave me inspired, intrigued, energized and HAPPY.:) Natasha Velikoselskiy
We loved having Vica Miller Literary Salons at Carini Lang! It was a blast.Carini Lang
 I've attended one of your salon readings as an audience member and was struck by the warmth and creativity in the room, as well as the thoughtful questions and feedback from the audience—I remember thinking, What a magical space in which to read!
Stephanie Hopkins
Dear Vica, your Salon was delightful. A breath of fresh air. An impressive accomplishment on so many levels. A marvelous menu of diverse works.
Valerie Markwood
What a superb evening you orchestrated. Last night was very strong, Vica-- a really terrific mix of writing styles, voices, genres...and very well put together.
Ellen Schecter