Vica Miller Erotica Salon - November 17, 2010 / William Bennett Gallery

The evening’s program:

Tina Barry, On the Head of a Pin, micro fiction stories

— Laurie Silver, Better People, excerpt from a novel about a sardonic young woman who unwittingly joins a cult

Vica Miller, Inga's Zigzags, excerpt from a novel about a 28-year-old Russian woman, who after a decade in New York, returns to post-Perestroika Moscow to start her own company. Instead, she's lured into a threesome with a pair of local wealthy and well-connected socialites.

Stephanie Hopkins, Edge of Seventeen, excerpt from a novel in which the protagonist, Arielle, struggles to both bear witness to and assert her burgeoning sexuality during a summer in Fire Island, New York. Arielle’s mother left the family when Arielle was eight and now, at the edge of her seventeenth birthday, Arielle is trying to find herself—and her boundaries—without a female role model.